China has a habit of trying to control its population by passing ludicrous rules and regulations.

From recent developments, the gaming industry has not been spared, and China online poker could be on its death bed.

China Government is set to approve online gaming rules that would effectively ban poker and other casino games.

If the rules are to be implemented, online casino gaming will take a hit, and online poker will be a thing of the past in the country.


China Online Poker future uncertain

China Gaming Authority held a conference on April 10. The objective of the meeting was to unveil a new rulebook on casino gaming.

The rulebook contained a new set of requirements that new games have to pass to be declared legal and to pave the way for monetization.

The China Gaming Authority resumed the approval process on 22nd.

The new set of rules will regulate the number of games that will enter the market annually. To add to that, some genres will no longer be licensed.

Unfortunately, Mahjong games and Poker games will no longer be allowed as the authority fears they may cause illegal gambling.

Online gaming is not uncommon in China, and its popularity rides on its convenient and cheap nature, not to mention huge potential returns.

According to Niko Partners, a video game researcher, over 35 percent, of approved games in 2017 were poker and mah-jong.

Apart from online poker and mah-jong, games which are inspired by its imperial past were also banned.

Games such as “gongdou” will no longer be available. Also, games with gory images will also be rejected from the market.


State of China’s gaming industry

China continues to dictate the gaming industry under the guise of reducing gaming addiction and protecting minors from illegal content.

However, ironically, anything that is against the government’s ideologies is considered illegal.

To enforce the list of requirements, the government launched an Online Game Ethics Committee back in December. Meaning, the committee will dictate the games that will enter the market.

Therefore, at the moment, China’s gaming industry is uncertain, and so is China online poker.

The government appears determined to ban poker and other casino games forgoing billions of dollars in the process.



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