Are you frustrated by the unending rebuys offered in most tournaments?

Well, if yes, Daniel Negreanu has a solution for you. Negreanu has a plan to bring back the good old days when rebuys were a thing of the past.

When if you played recklessly and lost your entire stack, that was the end of the line for you. When the playground was level, wealthy players and the not-so-wealthy players competed on equal terms.

Daniel Negreanu claims to have a blueprint that will bring sanity back to the poker tables. However, the plans are in their initial stages and he is yet to publicly commit to anything.


Daniel Negreanu Master Plan

A few years ago, rebuys were unheard of. Instead, freezeouts were the order of the day.

A player could only enter a tournament once, and once he loses his chips, there was no way back. He was frozen out.

However, nowadays, almost all poker tournaments, live or online, allow reentries, albeit at a price, if a player loses his initial stack. The current format favors wealthy players who can foot the rebuy fees while holding the average player at a disadvantage.

Well, Daniel Negreanu plans to initiate a paradigm shift that will bring back the traditional system. Negreanu has been among poker pros who have been vocal against the rebuy system and therefore it is no surprise that he is toying with the idea of reintroducing the freezeouts system.

However, it is not certain whether Negreanu will start a new series. In fact, all he did is to post a spreadsheet of potential events likely to feature in his new series.

However, he neither gave a location nor a name for the new series. Therefore, it may take a while before the plans are actualized.

From the tweet, the series would last two weeks and it would be feature freezeout tournaments. Also, unlike in most tournaments, late registration would not be possible.

The tournament is inclusive by design. The buy-ins would range from $1,500 to $10,000.

Although it is just an idea at this juncture, we hope he can make true of his ambitions.



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