Despite the buzz courtesy of the famous US supreme court ruling that paved way for individual states to enact legislation aimed at legalizing online poker, it’s all but over for New Yorkers this year. Amid optimism among poker players that New York will be among the first states to formally legalize poker, their hopes were definitely dented after New York assembly ended their final legislative session for the year 2018.


It was all about sports betting this year!

NewYork Assembly

New York Assembly Credit: Wikipedia

In 2018 legislative sessions, sports betting reigned supreme, especially after the Supreme Court ruling. As a result, online poker was pushed to the sidelines for the second time. In 2016, online poker was relegated to the sidelines as daily fantasy sports took center stage. Online poker bills have been floating in the New York legislature for years now and it’s a disappointment that we will have to wait a little longer before the bills are passed. The Senate passed online poker bills in 2016 and 2017 only for the bills to stall in the assembly. The recent happenings clearly indicate that the lawmakers are still skeptical of the online poker industry.
Interestingly, the lawmakers even failed to reach a consensus on sports betting.

Is there any hope for New York online poker?

According to Assemblyman Gary Pretlow in an interview with FiOS1 news in May, the year 2019 may be the year for online poker only if the assembly finally passes the online poker bills. This year, all attention was on sports betting and we hope all eyes will be trained on online poker next year.

Michigan finally passes online poker legislation

Elsewhere, Michigan has finally passed the online gaming bill in a 68-40 vote and effectively established The Lawful Internet Gambling Act. Michigan has now joined the likes of New Jersey which has already enacted legislation to control the constantly evolving online gaming space.

The bill aims at creating a branch dubbed “Division of Internet Gaming” which will be mandated with licensing existing casinos in the state. The casinos will have to fork out a massive but worth it $800,000 every half a decade. Additionally, the bill seeks to impose an 8% tax on all online gaming revenues collected by the casinos. Out of the revenue generated by the new tax, 55% would go to the city of Detroit, 5% will be diverted to the state school and transportation funds, and the remaining 35% will be remitted to the Internet Gaming fund which will be used to enforce gaming regulations.

Whether or not Michigan will enter into the players’ pool sharing agreement with Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey will be known in the coming days.


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