Technology is changing everything around us, and Poker is no exception. A tech company has now developed a digital Poker table that is going to practically change the dynamics of the game.

Jackpot Digital, a Vancouver-based software company which makes Poker solutions and software, recently introduced its all-digital Poker table. The table, which is named “Jackpot Blitz” has the potential to revolutionize the world of Poker because it has the ability to let Poker players play their game without any dealer.

Jackpot Blitz has an enormous, 84-inch screen with a 4K resolution.  The screen, which spreads over the table seamlessly, has over 100 touch points. This digital Poker table supports gesture-based gameplay. Players can use gestures to hold their cards, peer and check on their cars by tapping the table.

drivehud poker hud

For now, Jackpot Blitz digital Poker table is programmed to support Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

The digital Poker table shows all the calls and commands on the screen, so there is no need for any moderator. The table also has a built-in electronic payment kiosk where Poker players can make payments and buy chips and pay each other.

Everything is virtual on this Poker table. The cards are shown in the digital form. The cards are dealt by the computer, which can never bluff or do fraud.

Jackpot Blitz Poker table gestures are just amazing. Have a look at this gesture using which a player can peek and see his cards whenever he wants.

Jackpot Poker table supports 10 players.

Players can also play a hand of blackjack or craps. They can also bet on horses. There are other options too, including baccarat and roulette.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this digital Poker table is that players won’t have to pay tips to the dealers. The game becomes faster, and players don’t have to pay attention to trivial details.

It will take some time before digital Poker tables get traction as most of the Poker players are huge fans of physical cards, a human dealer and wooden tables. Let us know your thought on digital Poker tables and would you prefer playing Poker on a digital table or in a classic way.


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