Calls to legalize online poker in the US are getting popular. Several congressmen from states where online gambling is illegal are raising voice and analysts think that Poker could get a legal status in 2017 in many states. A recent news has refreshed the issue of legalizing Poker in the country, according to which a high school math teacher David Shick appeared in front of the Senate committee of the Washington State and admitted to committing the “crime” of playing online poker. Mr. Shick said in front of Washington Senate Commerce, Labor & Sports Committee that he played online Poker between 2003 to 2006, and resumed his online gambling gig in 2009.

David Shick was trying to make a point: no one in Washington has ever been arrested for playing online Poker, and yet the deed is illegal in the law. Shick was said according to the state law, he had committed a Class C felony, and he was ready to be arrested.

“I realized that the state law was just an absolute joke,” said Shick.


Shick came in front of the Committee well prepared. He gave some handouts to the committee members, showing his winnings from 214,000 hands that he won just in the summer of 2009.  The professor said that Poker is a “game of skill”. He said that he excels in solving math problems quickly in head, keep his emotions “in check” and that’s why he made money playing Poker. He said that he wants to do what he loves, which is solving math problems for money. Professor Shick identifies himself as a “math stud” instead of a boring math nerd type teacher, in front of his students.

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“I can’t believe that I get paid as much as I do to go have as much fun as I do as a teacher,” said the Professor.

But it seems the administration and officials are too stubborn too legalize Poker in Washington. The main reason of this is the monopoly that is run by brick and mortar Casinos. The committee chairman Sen. Michael Baumgartner said that no bills to legalize Poker are currently under consideration. Washington Indian Gaming Association’s Executive Director Ernie Stebbins said that his organization pays over $250 million in taxes annually to the state due to its brick and mortar gambling business. He thinks that the state should focus on strengthening the casinos in the state instead of legalizing “new forms” of Poker.

Online poker is banned in 47 states in the US. You can play online Poker legally only in three states: Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. In Washington, there have been three bills presented in house to legalize Poker, but they were quickly shot down. US federal law also prohibits online poker games from crossing state lines.


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