It is not uncommon for poker players to be accused of cheating, but it is extremely rare for a player to be found guilty of cheating by a court of law.

Well, recently, a poker professional found himself on the wrong side of the law after he was found guilty of cheating in online poker.

Peter Jepsen is a high stakes poker professional domiciled in Copenhagen. He has a glowing track record dating way back to 2008. However, at first glance, online poker is his forte. But going by the court ruling, his online poker exploits may have been a smokescreen after all.

According to court records, Jepsen was able to win hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting players. He allegedly installed malware on other players’ computers which gave him access to their hole cards. For his actions, he will serve more than two years in prison and pay a €3.5 million fine.


Peter Jepsen illustrious cheating career

For six years, Jepsen made enormous profits from high stakes online poker tournaments much to the disadvantage of his opponents. His target tournaments included high profile events such as the European Poker Tournament.

It was alleged that he would gain access to other players’ laptops and install malware that was programmed to access the victims’ hole cards.

It was not after several players raised complaints did the Danish authorities start their investigations which culminated in a lengthy trial.

Unfortunately for Jansen, during the trial, the prosecution lined up three witnesses who were also involved in the scam.

The three witnesses, a woman, and two men admitted that they were involved in installing the malware used by Jensen to gain an unfair advantage against his opponents.


The conviction

Considering the overwhelming evidence, Jepsen’s conviction was long overdue. He was initially sentenced to 3 years in jail but six months were slashed since the trial took a long time to be concluded.

Along with the long custodial sentence, the Danish government also confiscated $3.9 million from Jensen. However, he has already filed an appeal.

Away from online poker, Jepsen’s live poker career is that of an average poker pro. He currently has 4 live tournament cashes which amount to $604,458 in live winnings. The bulk of his live poker winnings are courtesy of his EPT Warsaw win in 2007 for $415,679.



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