If you thought playing poker online at Pokerstars is fast, wait until they implement their new time banks in February.

To speed up gameplay for zoom and normal games, Pokerstars has substantially reduced time to act in cash games.

Starting on February 5, you will be forced to act faster.

Time to act in cash games has been reduced by 40%. The changes were communicated by the director of poker innovation and operation, Severin Rasset, in a blog post.

On the blog post, Rasset wrote, “The poker economy is complex, to say the least[…]There are a vast number of factors to weigh when considering a change and we are confident that the changes will be beneficial for the long-term health of the game.”

“We are confident that there will still be plenty of time to make key decisions while simply reducing the average time spent waiting,” he continued.

The changes come right after the banning of seating scripts which shows PokerStars renewed commitment to cater to its recreational clientele.


A closer look at the PokerStars changes

At the moment, players have 18 seconds for pre-flop actions if no raise has been called. If facing a raise and for post-flop actions, players have 25 seconds to act.

According to Rasset’s blog post, pre-flop actions when not facing a raise will be reduced to 10 seconds. Additionally, if facing a raise and for all post-flop actions, players will be forced to act in 15 seconds.

This means that the time to act has been reduced by 44 percent(pre-flop) and 40 percent(post-flop).


Time banks

In addition to time to act changes, time banks have also been reduced.

Time banks come into play when a player needs more time to act. Currently, a player has 30 more seconds to act at the start. However, as the game progresses, time banks can reach a maximum of 600 seconds.

Under the new settings, players will have to act in 30 and 60 seconds in pre-flop and post-flop respectively. At the start, players will have 15 seconds in the bank and 5 seconds will be added after every 10 hands to a maximum of 60 seconds.


Final verdict

Since 2018, PokerStars has been working to speed up play. And so far, it is working. They started with limiting the number of tables that a player can play at a go to six. With the recent changes affecting time to act, gameplay will be vastly sped up. However, playing multiple tables will definitely be affected and players may be forced to act fast or cut down on the number of tables.



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