The PokerStars Championship of Online Poker (COOP) wrapped on September 27. The COOP events were offered on all PokerStars sites in the three states, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Since the tournament started on September 10, PokerStars has paid out more than $5.2 million to different winners. Additionally, The three series were running concurrently. Each series included a 300 main event which was without a doubt a crowd puller.

Pennsylvania players won the biggest chunk of the money with players winning $2.8 million including a $36k main event first-place prize.

New Jersey players won a total of $1.1 million and the main event winner took home $18k. On the other hand, Michigan players won $1.78 million, and the main event winner earned $31k.


Main event winners

NJCOOP main event

Sridhar Sangannagari powered through a field of 334 entries to win the NJCOOP main event and $18,660. Coincidentally, this was his biggest tournament cash to date. It is also worth noting that he had also won a NJSCOOP event earlier.


NJCOOP Event #52: $300 NLHE Final Table Results

1 Sridhar “sri100k” Sangannagari $18,660
2 “TiltedHard” $13,720
3 “pompii23” $10,088
4 “deeeeeeeeez” $7,417
5 Jaime “moosedeer17” Reyes $5,453
6 Benji “OtB_RedHeron” Felson $4,009
7 “soothsay” $2,948
8 “borachinhak” $2,167
9 “URpoker64” $1,594


PokerStars MICOOP Main Event

The Michigan Championship of Online Poker main event attracted a total of 632 entries and had a $150k guarantee. By the end of the registration process, the prize pool had shot to $172,960.

After two days of action, WadeDavenport managed to finish first and claim the $31,015 prize. This was his second win in the 2021 MICOOP.


Event #60: $300 Main Event Final Table Results

1 “WadeDavenport” $31,015
2 Matt “FukDaRivereh” Boulton $22,243
3 ProfessorNAPE $15,952
4 citysushii $11,441
5 GoGreen35 $8,205
6 Paul “grandma1967” Mattioda $5,885
7 GZKASCC $4,220
8 “new_doc793″ $3,027
9 PLAYIN_4_STAXX $2,171


PACOOP Main Event

In sharp contrast to the aforementioned two series, the 2021 PokerStars Pennsylvania COOP main event attracted more entries and hence had a higher prize pool. The main event had a $200k guarantee but the prize pool eventually reached $238,230.


After an action-packed final table, “Hondoribbia” won the first place prize, $36,401.


PACOOP Main Event Final Table Results

1 Hondoribbia $36,401*
2 queenbee842 $32,401*
3 tlamb43 $20,483
4 and_porter $14,634
5 ecerille $10,455
6 MishkaMan85 $7,649
7 P0stFl0pMal0ne $5,336
8 FindingNemo32 $3,812
9 Yuli215 $2,724




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