When Daniel Negreanu won the first World Series of Poker Player of the Year award in 2004, there were no big calculations and complexities involved in the process of determining the winner of the prestigious award. Each event was weighted equally and there were no multipliers for the number of buy-in or the number of players. But the formula for POY kept changing over the years. In 2011, the POY went through a significant change after which several factors like weight to field size, buy-ins and WSOP Europe matches became part of the equation.  In 2017, a major change was announced for WSOP Player of the Year award which caused a serious concerns among famous Poker players, including Daniel Negreanu, who is the first (and only) player in WSOP history to win the POY award for more than once (Daniel won his second POY award in 2013). 2017 WSOP POY award is based on a proprietary formula that is based on ROI, which takes into account buy-in amount and the amount won.

Daniel Negreanu Is Unhappy with WSOP POY 2017 Formula

The latest formula puts Daniel Negreanu at the 12th place. The Canadian Poker star was quick to voice his concerns about the latest POY criteria.

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Daniel Negreanu’s tweet sparked a discussion in the Poker circles. Most of the players and Poker analysts seem to agree with Negreanu. According to Mike Matusow, Negreanu is “hundred percent right” when he says 10Ks is superior to any small buy in tourney.

The latest POY formula favors large-field no-limit events. Previously, the POY formula was against no-limit players, according to Ray Hensen.

Players think that the WSOP POY formula should be redesigned to give an equal shot to players of every caliber and game category.

In a latest video interview, Negreanu agreed that it’s very difficult to create a POY system that is fair to everybody due to a plethora of game variations. But Negreanu thinks that they have gone a “little too far” in order to undo the biasness of the last year POY formula.



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