There is something special about gambling and poker movies. The class, the ambiance and vibe a good gambling and Poker movie packs is peerless. Here are some of the best poker, gambling and casino movies you should watch before you die.

Casino 1995

Casino features top actors like Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci.  The movie revolves around gambling mafia, murder, trophy wives and power.


“21” is based on a true story. 6 brilliant MIT students who learn tricks of Poker and card counting decide to actually apply themselves in Las Vegas.


Rounders is an all-time favorite Poker and gambling movie in which a young, gifted Poker player and law student (Matt Damon) decides to help his friend (Edward Norton) pay a huge debt through gambling.

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High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

This amazing movie is based on the life of renowned American professional poker player Stu Ungar. The movie shows Stu’s rise and fall, his emotional issues, marriage and death. The climax of the movie comes when the poker legend seizes his third victory at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

This one is my personal favorite. Eddy (Nick Moran) asks his besties to muster up funds for a high stakes poker game against local crime lord. The crime boss cheats and as a result Eddy and his friends lose a huge amount of money. The defeated party in turns plans a robbery for revenge, and money.

Casino Royale

This is a Bond movie, which is based on Poker and gambling world. Secret Agent James Bond goes to a high stakes game of Poker at a Casino as part of his plan to take down an underground mafia kingpin.

Shade 2003

This is an exciting gambling movie featuring actors like, Stuart Townsend, Gabriel Byrne, Sylvester Stallone and Jamie Foxx. The main actors who made a lot of money in a hustler gift deal are now being followed by the original owners who are seeking their money and revenge.

Owning Mahowny

This is a super famous gambling film which is based on a true story about a millionaire bank manager having access to truckloads of money. Problems (and fun) starts when the manager gets addicted to gambling. With so much public money at hand and endless possibilities, things escalate, and get messy pretty quickly.

A Big Hand for the Little Lady

This is a 1966 comedy western movie based on poker and gambling. The plot revolves around a wanderer who arrives in a town and bets more money than he can afford.

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Starring Clive Owen, this movie shows the life of a decent writer whose father, a hustler, forces him to take a job as a Coupier to make both ends meet. Owen finds later that the Casino life is really resonating with his inner calling. He stars enjoying things and his life takes a new, strange turn.