You need to have the nerves of steel to sit in a high stakes Poker game and keep your calm. Patience, composure and control on body language in Poker comes with time. Even the most experienced players, however, lose their calm and suffer what they call “Poker Tilt”. Poker Tilt is a state of mental confusion and emotional frustration which a Poker player faces during Poker matches. Poker Tilt results in less optimal decisions, hence triggering a vicious cycle of bad decisions and negative emotions.

Phill Hellmuth Against Cristian Dragomir

Phill Hellmuth is a famous Poker player also known for his tilts. During 2008 World Series of Poker main event, he started titling and ranting against Cristian Dragomir.


Phill Hellmuth Against Howard Henry Lederer

Another Poker tilt,  which is pretty famous on the internet is also from Phill Hellmuth. During this tilt, Phill blurted out his rant against Howard Henry Lederer, who has won two World Series of Poker bracelets and holds two World Poker Tour titles.

drivehud poker hud

Justin Schwartz Poker Tilts

Justin Schwartz is a smart Poker player, but is known for his outlandish statements and comments. This video shows Schwartz’s Poker tilts.



Justin Schwartz Against Joe McKeehen

Justin Schwartz was knocked out by Joe McKeehen in the WSOP main event of 2015. As a result, Schwartz did some Poker titling as he was frustrated with the results.

Dan ‘jungleman’ Cates

Dan ‘jungleman’ Cates is one of the best online Poker players in the US, known for his heads-up No Limit Texas Hold ’em skills. When he came to play physically with other Poker players at Party Poker Premier League Season 7, things didn’t turn out well for him. Here is a video of JungleMan tilting.



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