Let’s face it: everyone who plays Poker loses more than he wins. Sometimes failure sticks around and get the better of you. Here are some of the top reasons why you are losing at Poker.


You have become Predictable

Predictability is the biggest reason why you might be losing at Poker. But this happens when you are playing Poker at the same place, with the same players.

They might have figured you out. Professional Poker players also search for patterns in others’ games. Never follow a pattern.

If you think you are bluffing too much, slow down. If you are not bluffing at all, man up. Just add an element of unpredictability and you’ll be in safe hands.


You are Playing the Wrong Game with the Wrong People

Sometimes the reason of your failure is hidden in plain sight.

You might be sitting at a wrong table, among the wrong people, playing the wrong game. You might be excellent in Limit Hold’em, but you can fail at Stud 8 or other Poker games.

If you are a beginner Poker player, you can’t expect to win when you are playing with professionals.


You Haven’t Learned the Basics of Poker

This is perhaps the most common reason why players lose at Poker.

They don’t get their fundamentals right. They don’t learn the knitty gritty details of Poker. Just because Poker is a type of gambling doesn’t mean that you can just sit on the table and wish to win.

Learn Poker from books and videos. Learn from Poker expects. For example, you can follow famous Poker player Jason Somerville’s Twitch stream in which he explains the hands as he plays them during games.



Perhaps the most difficult part in Poker is calling it a day and quitting when you are not winning.

Tilting is the top reason why you are losing at Poker. Emotional stability and being present is absolutely necessary if you want to win at Poker.

If you are losing continuously, just quit playing and go home and relax. Continuing to play Poker on your bad day will result in a vicious cycle of failure.


Bad Luck?

According to the Poker guru Daniel Negreanu, bad luck is one of the valid reasons of losing at Poker. But if you have played Poker for over 1000 hours, it’s probably not bad luck.

Poker is a skill, which can be learnt and improved. You must do a self-examination and find out the biggest weak spots in your game.



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