Gadgets and accessories not only make lives easier, they also add fun and style in our daily routines. Owning cool gadgets can bring innate satisfaction as well as impress people (read: women) around you. Here are some cool gadgets every man should have.

RIF6 Cube

This amazing device lets you project the screen of your smartphone on a projection screen or any wall. You can just connect your smartphone with this device and watch movies, play games, see pictures on a big screen or wall. RIF 6 is a portable device. You can also use it for giving impressive presentations at your college or office.



An all-purpose bag is a must for every man. We all need a bag to manage and take our stuff with us when we travel. Market is teeming with bags for men. You should prefer something tough, stylish and hardy. I’d suggest bags and gear made by GoRuck. They have enormous amounts of space with looks of tough and go-getter style. You can take a look at some other options in this interesting video.

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Whether you are at the gym or working on your laptop, you’d need a headphone. So buy a good one and make a lifetime investment. The Marshall Major II headphone is a good budget headphone (around $90), and they are long lasting with amazing sound quality. If you are looking for something minimal and sporty, take a look at Jabra wireless headphones. B&O Play headphones have a slightly hefty price tag, but they are hailed as the best headphones of 2016. You can buy them here.


 Wireless Speakers

Every man must should have decent wireless speakers for the daily media and music needs. Divoom Voombox Portable Wireless Speaker connects with all your mobile devices via Bluetooth and gives amazing sound quality. These wireless speakers cost just $80 and they are worth it. The best thing about these wireless speakers is that you can put them in the outdoors. Wireless headphone is a great gadget that will help you in listening to music while playing, doing BBQ and party in the outdoors.

Action, Drone Camera

Everyone has a smartphone or a normal camera these days, right? In order to shoot with style and quality, you ought to have a sporty, action drone or a GoPro. If you are into sports and fun, a drone camera would let you capture your activities with amazing details and unimaginable angles. Camera drones are not for the media only. You can buy one in a very good price. Check out this video of a great quadcopter.

 Otherwise, a GoPro is one of the best gadget for men. You can check out different GoPro models on Amazon.

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A Fitness Tracker Band

Fitness trackers are the zeitgeist of the contemporary fitness ecosystem. You can buy a great fitness tracker under $100 that will track your heartbeat, footsteps, calories and runs. I recommend FitBit’s Flex fitness tracker which is available for around $80.


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