Making New Year Resolutions has become a boring platitude. We all decide to get better at the start of every year, and f*ck it up after a month or so. But improvement lies in never giving up. The more you fail, and come back, the more drastically your chances of coming close to your goals increase.

You can Get Fit and Lean Without Gym

You know what? You don’t need to resolve to start going to the gym in 2017. Gym is always a failed project. There is nothing in the gym you can’t do in your room. This 7-minute fat loss workout will finish you quick, and you won’t need to even leave your room. Do it daily. If you aren’t regular, there is no need to even start as it will cause regret and tiredness. Do it for 7 days and I guarantee that you will feel improvement. Or, start doing puhsups daily in your room. Check out this amazing story where a guy just started doing pushups daily and transformed his body in 3 months.

Get a Therapy

There is always something that lies beneath our stress, anxiety, depression and neuroticism. You’ll be amazed to see the benefits of getting a therapy. I understand it is becoming a cliché, but just search a bit on  true stories of people who were able to get over their internal struggles just by getting a therapy. With a therapy, you’ll get a chance to speak your heart out without being judged, get proper psychological explanations of your feelings (that will would knowledgeable and interesting as well), and you will find out that you are not alone in these struggles. Try  a therapy in 2017 and thank me later.

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Improve and Clean Your Diet

What we put in our mouth daily defines our body and moods. If you want to lose weight, cutting calories in the only best way you can lose weight fast in 2017. Just do some research on the CICO (calorie in calorie out) method and have a look at some weight loss stories in Reddit’s LoseIt thread. You will be flabbergasted to see the miracles, all because of the diet. Dwindle your portions in 2017. If you have a bad habit, like eating too much desserts or junk, just make a promise of replacing them with something healthy for just one week. You’ll never crave for the junk again as you will feel an internal improvement. When we leave something we love for sometime, we get a chance to believe that things can go normal and life moves on ever without it.

Minimalism: a Key to Peace in this Chaos

Embrace minimalism for the love of all that is holy. Declutter your life, your room, your social circle, your hard disk and your soul. Stop trying to be present at every social media platform. Test your so-called friends, have some hard conversations with them and you’ll end up with a very few, but quality friends. The junk will be gone. Read what minimalism can bring in your life here.

Bonus: Follow James Altucher

I hate the self-help industry. I feel they are coming up with all the same BS to sell their books and monetize people’s insecurities. But man, James Altucher’s talks and stories have changed by life’s perspective. He is to the point, authentic, and takes pride in the fact that he failed too many times in his life, and yet came out and rose from the ashes. His articles and books are full of true stories of successful people, no-BS life advices and practical guidance.

Remember the Benefits of Being Single

Stop fretting over the relationships and cherish the idea of being single. Just stop for a moment, ignore the so-called romanticism and rosy picture you see in other people’s relationships and ponder over the reality of relationships and marriage. You will realize how enjoyable and productive being single or unmarried can be.


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