Videos are always fun to watch. Videos go viral insanely quickly if their content is funny and interesting. There were some spectacular videos on social media in 2016 which made us shocked, laugh, cry and dance.  In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most viral videos of 2016.

Adele in The Late Late Show

This is the most viral video of 2016, according to YouTube’s official statistics. In this video, James Corden in his “The Late Late Show” invites Adele. The show starts in an interesting way as James go to pick Adele in his car. And things go pretty interesting and funny, making the video full of laughs and WTF moments.

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The Weirdest Video You’ll Ever See

Internet is insane. Sometimes the most nonsensical content goes viral here. This video is the second most viral video of 2016, and it is perhaps the most unfathomable video, in which a man is singing the imaginary transformations between a Pen, a Pineapple and an Apple.

Taking a Look Inside a Rattle Snake

What’s Inside is a famous YouTube channel in which a father and son tear apart things and see what is inside them. Well, for this video, they decided to examine a rattle snake to see what is it that makes its tail rattle. The video has garnered over 61 million views till date since April.

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Nike’s Football Shoes Ad

This short film was made by Nike, featuring  Christiano Ronaldo and a teenage kid who is acting as Ronaldo’s crazy fan. But the strange and super-interesting idea of this video made it one of the most viral ads of 2016. Have a look.

The Perfect Bottle Flip

Ridiculously persistent dudes kept trying to sync their bottle flips in 2016. But there was a moment when five guys from the “Dude Perfect” YouTube channel were able to flip their bottles at the same time. The video of this amazing moment went viral and has recorded over 45.11 million views as of date.

Darth Vader Wakes Up His Son

Dad goes in the room of his 2-year old son in the guise of Darth Vader in the middle of the night, sh*t gets real. This video has been viewed over 7.1 million times on YouTube.

Inside $21,000 Flight from Dubai to New York

YouTuber CaseyNeistat got a free upgrade to $21,000 first class Emirates flight from Dubai to New York. So he decided to capture each and every experience of the luxurious flight, from classy drinks to the splendor of taking a shower on the plane. This was one of the most viral videos of 2016, according to YouTube.

The Zombie Prank

Two guys decided to prank their little sister on their way back home from the hospital as she was going to be high on medication after her wisdom tooth removal. The prank was brutal. It was to make her believe that there has been a zombie virus outbreak in the city. This video has received over 22.36 million views since it was uploaded in April.


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