Poker is a game of skills and emotions. You have to be in control of your emotions and body language when you are at the table. But bonds and friendships made at Poker tables go a long way. Sometimes, Poker players connect and form relationships for life. In this article we will talk about the famous Poker players who married each other or became dating couples.

Jason Mercie & Natasha Barbour

Jason Mercier, the famous American Poker player and winner of five World Series of Poker bracelets and one European Poker Tour title, proposed to Natasha Barbour during  2016 World Series of Poker $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em. The couple married in November last year in Miami, Florida. Jason and Natasha recently announced that they are set to have a baby in October. The Poker couple is betting on this life event too. Jason bets that it’ll be a baby boy, while Natasha has her money on a girl.

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Kara Scott & Giovanni Rizzo

In 2013, PartyPoker Pro and poker host Kara Scott accepted the marriage proposal from Giovanni Rizzo, the famous Italian Poker player. Rizzo has won a total of $210,297 from Poker. Scott and Rizzo dated for almost a year before tying the knot in 2014. The couple stood at 13th rank at World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix. Kara Scott had hosted a lot of high class Poker shows, including Poker Night Live and High Stakes Poker, and she now works as a sideline reporter for ESPN’s World Series of Poker broadcast. Several Poker players had a crush on Kara Scott, including ESPN’s Norman Chad who used to call the TV host “Kara Scott Chad” during the broadcasts.

Igor Kurganov &  Liv Boeree

Igor Kurganov is a Russian Poker player who is in a relationship with the British poker player and model British poker player Liv Boeree since 2014. The couple together founded the charity project ‘Raising for Effective Giving’. Kurganov lived for a time in Munich and now lives in London. Igor is also known as the ‘James Bond of Poker’. Igor’s total live earnings stand at $12.23 million. He is known for a lavish lifestyle and travelling. Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree now enjoy their life together and travel around the world. The couple also shares their amazing photos on social media.


Chad Brown & Vanessa Rousso

Chad Brown was a famous American Poker players and TV host. Chad died in 2014 after suffering from a rare form of Cancer. He was the presenter of the Poker Challenge television series. He finished third in $1,500 Omaha hi-lo split event in 2004, and second in 2005 $2,000 seven-card stud hi-lo event. Chad got the award of player of the year in 2006. Chad married Vanessa Rousso, one of the hottest women of the Poker world. But the couple announced a separation in 2012.  Vanessa Rousso used to call Chad her soul-mate. The couple traveled the world, played poker, won and lost together.

Tatjana Pasalic & McLean Karr

Tatjana Pasalic is a famous Poker player and blogger from Croatia. She started her professional Poker career in 2011 after joining Team Bodog. That year, she stood first in the list of WPT Magazine’s 20 sexiest girls in poker. Pasalic is in a relationship with high stakes Poker player McLean Karr.  The relationship apparently started in 2012 after Pasalic lost a prop bet to Karr and had to come to the WSOP main event in a skin-tight leopard print catsuit and skyscraper heels.


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